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26/09/2017 · Mogami's bigger guns may do more damage per hit, but the smaller guns fire faster and light more stuff up. Two campaigns currently require T8 ships, and Mogami is one of my go-to's for cruiser tasks, fire tasks, DD damage tasks, etc. Plus I take her out just for kicks. 30/07/2015 · Bin mir bei der Mogami rein von den Stats nicht so sicher ob die mir besser gefällt. Fliegen die 155mm genauso langsam und im hohen bogen wie bei der Cleveland und Ist das Kaliber groß genug um Kreuzer auf T7-10 zu durschlagen und Zitadellentreffer zu machen.

27/11/2018 · Mogami's lighter armor which, frankly, is still much better than the CLs does have problems with some of the better 8" cruiser AP. Not so much from plunging where it will take pens but not citadels, but horizontal fire will citadel the Mogami at 8-10km. 31/01/2016 · Note that there are two Mogami named cruisers because glorious poetic soul of Japan naming it after a freakin river well, to be fair to the Japanese, they did name their capital ships with old classical names such as Fuso bearing the archaic name of.

World of Warships / Mogami. Mogami. Перейти к:. Для Mogami c 203-мм орудиями подойдет такой же набор модернизаций и навыков как и для Аобы и Миоко. Однако. 24/10/2017 · I know another one of those questions: Ive been reading about both ships and Im to the point where Im financiallyin game about ready to buy the Mogami. However saying that Im also not unwilling to fork over the $ for the Atago and save the in game.

29/12/2018 · I love this boat. I mean. its just great. Having 15 barrels ever 10 seconds is insane, and a 3.4 second rudder shift is just silly. With all the talk of paper armor I expected to get deleted every game and hate it. Sure, I take my fair share of citadels, but its no worse than any other cruiser. 14/02/2017 · 155mm Mogami really is the only way to play her, if only for the sake of diversity. The 203mm Mogami is just a slightly better Myoukou and then the Ibuki is just a slightly better 203 Mogami. That progression is boring. The 155mm mix it up a little and is fun to play. Im going up the IJN Cruiser line currently, on the Aoba right now, and Im enjoying it quite a lot. But I like thinking toward the future, and one of the things on my mind is the Mogami; I know that the 155s are the superior gun choice in almost all aspects, but I dont want to make a specific Moga. 25/02/2017 · I honestly don't understand why people want these sort of things. Half a heavy cruiser in a form where it's hamstrung by the dubious ability to launch a quantity of planes too small to accomplish anything, and even supposing they were able to do something useful, aircraft performance would be so bad that they useful action wouldn't even be useful. 07/03/2017 · Mogami is a unique ship in that it doesn't necessarily get "better" with upgrades, it just gets different. If you can put up with the bad turret traverse, worse rudder shift and lack of AA and if you have a captain with Concealment Expert as Guillotine said, then the stock setup offers a unique invisible firing ability with a comfortable.

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